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Hello folks who found this page one way or another (my older comics still just have this link in them). Here are the places you can actually find me:

Tumblr: here
Twitter: here
Etsy: here
Comics for sale: here

Thanks, drop by one of those places and say hi!


Lotsa things

Here's a bunch of stuff I've drawn in the last couple months! It's all been going up on my tumblr (, I have predictably immediately become very bad at remembering ol' lj.

There are also a bunch of sketchbook drawings over at my tumblr from PIX a few weeks ago! Lotsa bunnies, as is my way.


Sorry, no pictures this time (doodles from this weekend soon, though!). I just wanted to say to anyone who might be dropping by that bought some of my older stuff at PIX (ie, things that only have my LJ link in em), hi! And plus, I also have a tumblr: and a twitter: . So! That's all.


Hey friends! Got some guys for you to look at:

I finally finished Pokemon Sapphire, the first video game I've ever finished. So I drew a Plusle, my favorite of my team. Her name is Molly :>

This is a panel from a mini I'm making to give away at SPX this weekend! Gotta finishhhhhh.

That's all for now! Bye!



There’s a good deal of fruit or sweets themed girl groups, and I figured it was about time the veggies got represented (and making them boys was a nice challenge). They’re all squashes, because they are my favorite. From left to right their names are: Butternut, Acorn, Summer, Zuke, and Punkin.

The internet might as well know I’m a big ol’ Harry Potter nerd. I’d never drawn the kiddos, though, and figured the last movie coming out was a good a time as any.

For me, HP will always be about a lonely, unpopular kid who manages to land himself a couple of the best friends a guy could have. Magic and destiny and all that happens, but that’s the core of it.

I also seem to have made Ron look uncannily like Cul de Sac's Petey. Whoop!


(no subject)

I am a big ol nerd and made a map/plan of an imaginary ‘dream house’. I’ve always loved maps, blueprints, and the like, and as a kid I spent a good deal of time copying the maps of Mossflower out of the Redwall books, drawing front-cut-away fairy houses, and alternate versions of this sort of thing (they used to have a lot more indoor water). Something about how flat and symbolic everything becomes facinates me. Designing this felt very similar to doing panel layouts. A good, fun exercise! I labeled some important/difficult to interpret features.



Here's a little self indulgent illustration series, done mostly to get into doing finished stuff again.

And some more doodles. Got some already irrelevant comics in there, yaaaay!

I got a tumblr, at long last (, so if that works better for you, hurray! I'll keep posting here though, so no worries for lj lovers. Gonna have my fingers in ALL the pies.


Get Back to Work

Despite recent discussions about how livejournal is increasingly irrelevant and I should probably get the heck off of it, I am an old resistant-to-change lady. So have some doodles.

Just trying to be better at drawing with a tablet. Please note that I've not drawn from an actual living person in, two years? Broken anatomy all the heck over.

Maybe someday soon I'll make something finished! Wouldn't that be a hoot.


All the gift arts

I had a birthday a month or so ago, which meant I got some great art from my great friends! Have at it.

Some Raya from jorygriffis, who apparently just felt like buying some gouache one day and was like, "Dum de dum, guess I'll just make something fantastic, no big deal."

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